Mercer and Acquisition


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Item 14


1. Strategic planning

1. The company adjust its strategy in line with the business cycle, creating demand for M&A
2. Find and chosing strategic/ potential investors
3. The sell side builds an exit plan and criteria for chosing the investor

2. Valuation

1. Two parties sign a Letter of Intent
2. Two parties evaluate company/ project
3. The sell side provides document related to the due diligence to the buy side

3. Negotiation

1. The parties agree to the conditions in M&A
2. Parties sign a share transfer agrreement
3. Verification of ducuments and information
4. Sign the capital investment contract
5. Apply administrative policies to approval

4. M&A

1. Close the contract: " Buy side paid all" & "Sell side completed the handover"
2. Post M&A: Implement an unified plan:
  •  Human resource structure
  • System integration process
  • Intergrate company culture, organization

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