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Start-up and creativity in Vietnam opportunities and challenges

Thursday - 08/08/2019 14:36
In Vietnam, medium and small types of businesses majority and mainly in the economy, accounting for nearly 97% of the total business of the country, using 51% of labor and social contributions more than 40% of GDP ... the amount of taxes and fees that businesses pay to the State has increased by 18.4 times after 10 years. These figures confirmed the importance and value that brings private enterprises.
start up in UEF
start up in UEF
However, according to a statistical pocket startups from 100 users in the past 02 years, the 80% dissolution at risk in the first year of operation. The main cause stems from the lack of capital (40%); lack of knowledge about governance small and medium enterprises (50%), lack of practical experience in the business environment (30%). Clearly, Vietnam is witnessing the rise of a generation of young entrepreneurs increasingly greater lifespan. They are confident, aggressive, powerful to create jobs for myself and for many others. However, young entrepreneurs start a business to succeed, they need the companionship of many organizations and individuals.

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