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LEDANA Industrial Park

Saturday - 15/06/2019 17:00
Thank you for your interest and your company to LEDANA Industrial Park (Industrial Park LADANA) in researching and researching to implement investment projects in Binh Phuoc and Industrial Park LADANA. The following is a summary of information about LADANA Industrial Park.
LEDANA Industrial Park
Geographical position advantage

LEDANA Industrial Park belongs to the general planning of Hoa Lu economic zone, Loc Ninh district, Binh Phuoc province is a mountainous district in the North-North border of Binh Phuoc province, bordering Cambodia with a borderline of over 100km with Sanuol district of Kratie province and Mimot of Congpongcham province traded through Hoa Lu international border gate.
Hoa Lu International Border Gate has a special advantage in terms of geographic – economic location, located in Loc Ninh and Binh Phuoc districts, 150 km from Ho Chi Minh City – south of Binh Duong 5, the west bordering on the west Ninh, 300 km from Phnom Penh, is very convenient for trade in goods and tourism in Southeast Asia. This is also an important gateway to international roads and railways of Binh Phuoc province.
In the province, traffic is smoothly connected in and out of the province, mostly asphalted. With the main roads such as National Highway 13 from Tham Ro Bridge going south – north through the center of Chon Thanh and Binh Long districts to Hoa Lu border gate with a total length of 79.90 km, Highway 14 linking the West Originally through Binh Phuoc to Ho Chi Minh City with 121 km equivalent to 2h46 minutes travel time.
It is expected that by 2020-2030 there will be a trans-Asia railway going through Hoa Lu Border Gate with railway to Ho Chi Minh City and the Southwestern provinces. Trans-Asia route will link with Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand to facilitate the circulation of goods and people traveling between countries in the region.

General introduction

LEDANA Industrial Park (LEDANA Industrial Park) project will start construction in the third quarter of 2018 and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2021 with the scale of 424.54 ha. With the viewpoint of the first time in Vietnam applying a new construction model: BUILDING A PARTICULAR SPECIAL FACILITY FOR GENERAL SPEAKING AND PRIVATE LIBRARY not only attracting industrial production activities but also service, trade, urban and residential activities to ensure a sustainable development and FUTURE SHOWING THE WEST REGION OF NORTH BINH PHUOC THANH TOAD INDUSTRIAL CITY. Located in the key economic region, is a dynamic economic development area in the Southeast region of Vietnam, including provinces and cities: Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Binh Phuoc, Tay Ninh, Long An And Tien Giang (Long An, Tien Giang In The Southwest Region), Ledana Industrial Park has a favorable economic and geographical position with advantages:
  • Close to seaports, international airports, commercial service centers in the city. Ho Chi Minh City (2h30 minutes by car), 130 kms from Tan Cang, Saigon port group, VICT, ICD Phuoc Long 150 km and 120 km from Tan San Nhat airport.
  • Loc Ninh is the gateway to trade with Cambodia of Binh Phuoc province. Hoa Lu international border gate and highway 13 from Thu Dau Mot city, in Binh Duong province, go through the district to the Cambodian border. With National Highway 13 has been upgraded and expanded 06 lanes is the main arterial road connecting with neighboring provinces as well as radiating the main traffic routes of the country. Especially Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City In the period from 2016-2020, the two sides continue to cooperate and focus on the following tasks: coordinating the implementation of regional planning, especially infrastructure connection planning traffic. The two localities agreed to propose to the Prime Minister and ministries and agencies to permit the implementation of a number of important traffic connection projects: Di An railway to Hoa Lu international border gate … to make the most of advantages of new seaports like Hiep Phuoc, Cat Lai (HCMC) and Cai Mep and Thi Vai (Dong Nai, Ba Ria Vung Tau) to Hoa Lu border gate. On the other hand, the investors in the Industrial Park of LEDANA will approach the market of highland and central provinces more convenient in terms of traffic than the National Highway 1 through the National Road 14 and the Southwest Provinces since 2013 have been invested building Ho Chi Minh road from Chon Thanh (Binh Phuoc) to Dat Mui (Ca Mau) with a length of 512km with 2-6 lanes approved. After 2020, the above road will be upgraded according to the expressway standard
  • Located at the intersection of 2 important administrative units of Binh Duong Province: Thu Dau Mot City and Ben Cat District (radius of 14 Kms). Population features about 500,000 people of working age and from 7,000 to 9,000 high school graduates every year. IZ Management Board ensures to introduce, provide as well as create all favorable conditions for the company to recruit a best workforce to meet the production needs of enterprises.
  • Characteristics of hard ground conditions (No need to reinforce the foundation), the height of 77.41 to 98.97 m above sea level will help investors save about 30% of construction costs. Binh Phuoc climate is a stable tropical monsoon form, divided into two seasons of the year (the rainy season starts in May to October, the dry season starts in November to April), the average rainfall is 2,400mm. /year. Binh Phuoc has almost no major floods and storms, the average temperature is about 26.5oC, with midland terrain, the center of the district has many low hills, one after another, north and northwest with quite flat terrain

The infrastructure:
  • External roads under the general planning on construction of Hoa Lu border-gate economic zone. Including 4 routes running around the industrial zone: the route has a road width of 31m (the roadway of 15m; the sidewalk of 8×2 = 16m) and the route has a road width of 26.5m (roadbed of 10.5m; sidewalk of 5×2 = 16m).
  • Internal roads: The entire internal road system is wide Cross section 1-1, width 63m, in which: roadway 18×2 = 36m; 6.5×2 sidewalk = 13m; 14m separator. Section 2-2, road limit 28.5m, in which: road bed 22.5m; 3×2 = 6m sidewalk.
  • Road subdivision area: Section 3-3, 21m wide, in which: roadway 15m; 3×2 = 6m sidewalk. Lines D1, D2, D3, D4, D6, D7, D8, D9, D10 have the following criteria:
  • Loại đường : Industrial park internal roads
  • Road type: Internal roads of industrial parks
  • Design speed: 40 Km / h
  • Electricity: In the area, to study the construction of a new 110KV transformer station under the general planning. New construction of 5 22 / 0.4KV transformer stations in the study area. In which, there are 2 stations for lighting and 03 stations for operating and technical infrastructure
In the design study area, it is possible to use hanging stations, to encourage the use of closed type substations.
  • Post and telecommunications: telephone lines are installed to the boundary of land lots and fully provided according to customer needs, without any quantity limit. Fiber optic systems can connect to wide-band telecommunications applications (ADSL) and leased lines (Lease Line).
  • Water: clean water is treated according to WHO standard with a capacity of 17,000 m3 / day to supply land plot boundaries.
  • Waste water treatment plant (Treatment from type B to A) Construction of separate sewage system (separate rainwater). The study area is divided into 2 main basins: Basin 1 is located south of the central road. IZs, escaping from North to South to collect to pump station No. 1, capacity: 5,500m3 / day. Wastewater is concentrated in pumping station No. 1 and pumped to basin 2. Basin 2 is located in the north of the center of the industrial park, escaping from the south to the north. Combined with the collection of gravity and booster pump (pumping station No. 2, capacity of 8,500 m3 / day), wastewater is transported to the WWTP in the northern technical infrastructure land, capacity of wastewater treatment station is 12,000 m3 / day.
  • Fire protection: Professional fire protection team in industrial zone. Water supply system along the internal roads. 24/24 security guards are trained in fire prevention and fighting operations.
  • Labor support and consultancy center: Located in an industrial zone to assist investors in recruitment and counseling on labor policies; promotion of labor recruitment programs, job introduction and facilitating labor support in industrial zones.
  • Commercial-service area: Providing support services such as housing for experts, banks, forwarding services, canteen for workers ….
  • Services to support the procedures for implementing investment projects for free: Consult and support investors to prepare procedures and apply for investment certificates and procedures after the Investment Certificate.

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